Hello World!

If you’re reading this then you may know me, and if you don’t, click on “A Wee Scot Headed Home.”

I’m a Junior in college in North Carolina, and I have been waiting for my opportunity to study abroad at the University of St. Andrews for two long years now.  Though I have just finished the application process and must now wait to see if I got accepted for the Spring semester, I decided to test fate and set up this nifty little blog, just in case! (Read: Mostly because I have no patience.)

I’m going to use it from now on to update about the application process and just vent about things that may be stressful or gush about things that may be exciting, leading up to when my plane takes off, and I will continue to update until I touch back down in America.

I hope you have as much fun reading about it as I have living it!

Until the next adventure.


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