Acceptance and Preparations



It’s finally official! This girl is headed to the University of St Andrews for Spring Semester 2015!

While I am excited, this news also comes with a whole lot of stress.  There are packets to complete, room forms to fill out, as well as meetings to go to and emails to send.  Constantly checking for replies to those emails is probably the most stressful part – what can I say, I like to have answers so I can just move on to the next thing!

I’m willing to deal with the preparations a thousand times over, however, because I know they’ll all add up to a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.  I couldn’t be any more excited than I am right now, and I know that getting through the rest of this semester will be an odd mixture of a struggle and a breeze because I just want to go to Scotland already, but I also have Scotland to daydream about while I’m in my current classes!

Anyway, that’s about all there is to say today.  Until the next adventure.


Oh Goodness

Hello again.

Long time no talk!  Today I had to fill out my application that is specific to St. Andrews, and in doing so I got my first taste of the differences between the English I speak and the English those in Scotland speak.  Good golly I have a feeling it will be a fun but challenging semester.  That’s okay with me though.  If I wasn’t okay with being challenged then I wouldn’t have chosen St. Andrews.

I still don’t have a whole ton of news.  Since I just filled out the final application it will be a few weeks until I hear whether or not I got accepted.  *Deep breaths* I’m sure it’ll be fine.  I’ll just sit around and daydream about it some more.  At least I finally have the piles of paperwork behind me!

I’d appreciate crossed fingers and well wishes while I wait for the news. 🙂

Until the next adventure.