Oh Goodness

Hello again.

Long time no talk!  Today I had to fill out my application that is specific to St. Andrews, and in doing so I got my first taste of the differences between the English I speak and the English those in Scotland speak.  Good golly I have a feeling it will be a fun but challenging semester.  That’s okay with me though.  If I wasn’t okay with being challenged then I wouldn’t have chosen St. Andrews.

I still don’t have a whole ton of news.  Since I just filled out the final application it will be a few weeks until I hear whether or not I got accepted.  *Deep breaths* I’m sure it’ll be fine.  I’ll just sit around and daydream about it some more.  At least I finally have the piles of paperwork behind me!

I’d appreciate crossed fingers and well wishes while I wait for the news. 🙂

Until the next adventure.


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