Why hello!

So this is a post that is again devoid of pictures, but I’ve never been one to keep promises, so I’m sorry… but I’m not that sorry. They’ll come eventually! Just gotta be patient! What can I say, I’m a busy gal.

I wanted to tell you all about the three most difficult parts of going to school in another country. Now that I’m unattached, I don’t really feel homesick for actual home. I have been far, far away from home for the past three years, so this part is nothing new to me. What IS new to me is being outside America, where there are three main differences that I’m having trouble adjusting to.

First: Lack of variety for snacks. Seriously Scotland, I know America has a bunch of fatties and that has to do with our convenient access to junk food, but I shouldn’t have to promise you my first born to get a hold of something to eat. Yes, Tesco and Sainsburys have fairly good choices, and even have Pringles, but you wouldn’t believe what I’d do for a box of Cheezits. AND EVERYTHING TASTES DIFFERENT. Not that different, but different enough for me to be greatly disappointed. I now understand why we pump everything full of chemicals in the good ole US of A. It tastes better, plain and simple.

Second: Lack of access to anything American. It costs my Mom a ton of money to ship even a teeny package to me, so even she can’t help me with my dire snack situation. They don’t have the products I use in my hair so I have no idea what will happen when those run out. Netflix is crap here and VPNs don’t work so I don’t have access to ANY American television online. I can’t go online shopping because it costs ridiculous amounts of money for shipping. Can I just win the lottery so I can buy all seasons of all the shows I like and pay shipping fees please?!

Third: Lastly, adjusting to schoolwork. This one is a little better because I’ve never really had trouble with school, and I don’t find it particularly more challenging here, but self-motivation is a much bigger factor at St Andrews than it is at HPU. At HPU we have the darn attendance policy to keep us in check. Here? If I want to sleep instead I can and no one will know. The only classes I technically have to show up to are my ones on Friday. And the homework load is way smaller because your grade is completely dependent on a paper and a test, in most cases. The longer I’m here the more I get into the swing of things, and I actually kind of like being independent, but it’s still something to get used to.

So, do all these things mean I don’t like Scotland? NO. I love it here despite the heinous lack of delicious junk foods and access to civilization. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, but I just might sell a kidney to afford getting my American conveniences shipped over here.

Until the next adventure.


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