Adventure Over


I know I came home months upon months ago, but I wanted to finally put this blog to bed. My time in Scotland was so amazing that I ended up spending every moment enjoying it rather than sitting back and reflecting on it, and therefore blogging fell through the cracks. It was a whirlwind experience, and one of the best of my entire life. My friends hate that I can’t shut up about it, but I don’t care because it was amazing and I will forever hold all my memories from it dear. All I’ve wanted since I left is to go back, so much so that I applied for graduate school at St Andrews. I should be hearing about it by sometime around December, and I’m so anxious/excited/terrified to know what the next chapter holds for me. If you’re considering study abroad, do it. Don’t let anyone tell you not to. Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Until the next adventure.


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